Winco PECC-68 Red Cover for Square Storage Container
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Winco PECC-68 Red Cover for Square Storage Container

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This red allergen free cover features break resistant polypropylene construction, Suitable for PESC-6/8, PTSC-6/8, PCSC-6/8 series plastic food containers by Winco., Prevents crosscontaminating allergens.


Winco PECC-68P, Red Allergen Free Container Cover for PESC-6/8, PTSC-6/8, PCSC-6/8 series, is a must have item for your containers since it combines amazing quality and practical design. If you own box storage containers from PESC-6/8, PTSC-6/8, PCSC-6/8 series, you should consider on purchasing this cover. Due to its break resistant polypropylene construction, this purple cover is extremely durable! Moreover, the item is allergen free.

Established in 1992, Winco has been committed to providing a range of high quality items by considering the opinion of the chefs and restaurateurs. Wincos’ focus is to supply high calibre equipment without the extortionate prices for busy kitchens to ensure their customers are given the best dining experiences.

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