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Commercial Coffee Grinders for Sale

A commercial coffee grinder is a heavy-duty piece of equipment designed for use in settings such as coffee shops and cafes. It is essential for producing the fine and consistent grind required for espresso extraction. When choosing a commercial espresso grinder, it's important to consider factors such as grinding power, grind adjustments, grind size range, RPMs, hopper grinder vs. single-dose grinder, low retention and anti-static measures, and build quality. Additionally, guidance from commercial experts can be valuable in selecting the the best espresso grinder for your establishment.

Features to Look for in a Commercial Espresso Grinder

The grinder must excel in producing an exceptionally fine grind, with the added capability of micrometric adjustments for precise and consistent modifications affecting shot timing. A significant drawback occurs if even the slightest change in settings results in a shot time shift exceeding 6-10 seconds. However, these are merely the fundamental prerequisites.

Beyond the basics, several criteria significantly contribute to an optimal espresso grinding experience:

1. Consistent Dosing: A reliable espresso grinder should deliver the same output (within +/- 0.3 grams) as the input, ensuring a consistent coffee dose.

2. Low Retention: It's crucial to minimize the retention of old coffee. The grinder should release as little previously ground coffee as possible in the grinding chamber or chute.

3. Micrometric Adjustments: Espresso burr grinders may feature stepped or stepless adjustments, both capable of controlling shot time by fine-tuning the grind size.

4. Fluffy Grounds: Avoiding clumpy grounds is vital, as they can lead to uneven extraction. Grounds that consistently maintain a fluffy texture should be a key consideration in your purchase decision.

5. Consistent Grinds: While uniformity is essential, a slight presence of microdust (fines) can enhance the mouthfeel of the shot.

6. Smooth Workflow: Espresso grounds, being fine particles, have the potential to create a mess. A top-notch commercial espresso grinder simplifies the process, making it clean and effortless to transfer grounds into the portafilter.

7. Intelligent Dosing: Some espresso burr grinders incorporate timers accurate to a tenth of a second, ensuring nearly identical coffee doses with each use. Others employ built-in scales for precision.

8. Single Dosing: Optimized for "single dosing," certain grinders require measuring beans before placing them in the grinding chamber and lack a traditional hopper.

9. Solid Construction/Engineering: Given the heightened demands of espresso grinding, the equipment should boast a robust and well-built construction to ensure durability and reliability.

The Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso?

Introducing the Simonelli MDXA Fully Automatic Espresso Grinder, available exclusively from Vancouver Restaurant Supply. Elevate your coffee experience with this professional solution designed to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness, catering to establishments with a daily output lower than 2 kg of coffee. Perfectly suited for coffee shops and restaurants, the Nuova Simonelli MDXA is a reliable and technologically advanced addition to your workspace.

Key Features:

- Flat or Conical Burrs: Choose between flat or conical burrs, providing a wide range of grinding adjustments to meet your specific coffee preferences.

- Micrometrical Grinding Adjustment: Achieve precision in your grind size with micrometrical adjustments, ensuring the perfect extraction for an excellent espresso.

- Painted Stainless Steel Body: The robust and stylish design features a painted stainless steel body, adding durability and a touch of elegance to your coffee station.

- Exterior Volumetric Adjustment: Easily adjust coffee doses externally, allowing for convenient modifications to suit your brewing needs.

- Coffee Doses Counter: Keep track of your coffee output with the built-in coffee doses counter, providing valuable insights into your daily operations.

- Low-Speed Blade Rotation: The blades rotate at low speed, ensuring a uniform coffee grain size for a consistent and high-quality espresso.

- Polycarbonated Bean Hopper: The policarbonated bean hopper is designed for durability and convenience, allowing you to monitor your coffee bean levels effortlessly.

- Bio-Design Criteria: The MDXA is designed and built according to bio-design criteria, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Upgrade your coffee setup with the Simonelli MDXA Fully Automatic Espresso Grinder – the epitome of precision, technology, and professional performance. Elevate your coffee experience today with Vancouver Restaurant Supply.