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          Commercial Broilers

          A restaurant broiler is a crucial kitchen appliance designed for intense and rapid cooking by applying high heat to food items, resulting in deliciously charred, caramelized, and perfectly cooked dishes. Broilers play a pivotal role in achieving desirable textures and flavors by facilitating processes such as browning, charring, and caramelization, enhancing the visual appeal and taste of various dishes.

          In the fast-paced environment of commercial kitchens, commercial kitchen broilers prove indispensable due to their efficiency in quickly preparing a wide array of dishes. The ability to rapidly apply intense heat makes broilers a cornerstone for meeting the demands of a bustling restaurant.

          Commercial kitchen broilers are renowned for their ability to cook food swiftly, making them ideal for high-demand settings where efficiency is paramount. The versatility of broilers is showcased in their capability to produce a spectrum of culinary results, from perfectly seared steaks to beautifully browned casseroles, providing chefs with a versatile tool for diverse cooking techniques.

          What Does a Commercial Broiler Do?

          1. Similarity to Grill Operation: Commercial broilers operate on a principle similar to grilling, utilizing intense heat from above to cook food quickly and create appealing textures.

          2. No Direct Contact with Food: Unlike some cooking methods, commercial broilers do not require direct contact with food. This indirect approach allows for even cooking without the need for constant flipping or turning.

          3. Quick Application of Intense Heat: The primary function of a commercial gas broiler is to apply intense heat rapidly, sealing in juices and flavors while creating a desirable outer texture.

          4. High Heat Ideal for Various Culinary Results: The high heat produced by broilers is perfect for achieving a range of culinary results, from the perfect char on a steak to the caramelized layer on a delicate dessert like Creme Brulee.

          5. Perfectly Charred Steak: Commercial steak broilers excel in achieving the coveted sear on steaks, providing a mouthwatering crust while maintaining the meat's succulence.

          6. Nicely Browned Casserole: For casseroles and baked dishes, broilers contribute to the golden-brown finish on the top layer, enhancing both appearance and taste.

          7. Caramelized Layer on Creme Brulee: Broilers are adept at creating the signature caramelized sugar layer on desserts like Creme Brulee, adding a delightful crunch to the creamy texture beneath.

          Types of Commercial Broilers

          Broiler Oven

          1. Broiler ovens utilize radiant heat from the top element to ensure even cooking, making them versatile for handling various broiling tasks.

          2. With the ability to handle a range of cooking tasks, broiler ovens are a staple in commercial kitchens where versatility is key.

          Salamander Broiler

          1. Commercial salamander broilers, often wall or ceiling-mounted, provide flexibility in kitchen layout while ensuring efficient heat application.

          2. The adjustable heating element in salamander broilers allows chefs to control the intensity of heat, catering to different culinary needs.

          Vertical Broiler

          1. Vertical broilers utilize a rotating spit mechanism, ensuring even cooking and a crispy exterior due to continuous rotation.

          2. The continuous rotation feature of vertical broilers contributes to the creation of a crispy exterior, particularly ideal for dishes like shawarma and gyro.

          Upright Broiler

          1. Upright broilers employ grates or radiants for direct heat application, enabling the creation of appealing char marks for enhanced appearance and taste.

          2. The design of upright broilers allows for the signature char marks on grilled items, enhancing both the visual appeal and taste of the finished dish.


          1. Cheesemelters are specialized broilers designed for the rapid and even melting of cheese, making them indispensable for dishes like au gratin and melted cheese toppings.

          2. With adjustable heat settings, cheesemelters accommodate different cheese types, ensuring precise control over the melting process.

          Commercial kitchen broilersplay a pivotal role in the swift and consistent preparation of dishes, meeting the demands of busy commercial kitchens. In the culinary world, broilers are considered essential appliances, contributing to the efficiency and success of restaurant operations. The versatility of broilers makes them adaptable to a wide range of culinary techniques, providing chefs with a dynamic tool for creative cooking. The speed at which broilers, specially commercial gas broilers, operate makes them ideal for the fast-paced environment of busy commercial kitchens, ensuring timely and high-quality food service.

          When selecting a broiler for your kitchen, beside considering commercial broilers price, understanding the specific culinary needs and preferences of the kitchen is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Consideration of design features and efficiency is key when choosing among commercial broilers for sale, as these factors directly impact its functionality and contribution to kitchen operations.

          Shop our selection of broilers at Vancouver Restaurant Supply today and take your cooking skills to the next level!

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