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Commercial Pasta Makers for Sale

Commercial pasta machines are specialized equipment designed for efficiently producing large quantities of pasta in a commercial kitchen or food production setting. These machines automate and streamline the pasta-making process, allowing businesses to meet high demand while maintaining consistent quality.

Commercial pasta makers are suitable for large restaurants or small pasta factories. They include pasta extruders, pasta sheeters, and ravioli makers, and are available in various sizes to accommodate different production needs. Professional pasta machines are also available for restaurants, catering, or home use.

Types of Commercial Pasta Makers

Commercial pasta makers come in various types, each serving a specific purpose in the pasta production process. Here are some common types of commercial pasta machines:

1. Pasta Extruders

Pasta extruders are essential tools in commercial kitchens for efficiently producing a wide range of pasta shapes. These machines work by pushing pasta dough through interchangeable dies, allowing for versatility in creating pasta varieties like spaghetti, penne, and fusilli. Equipped with automated cutting systems and adjustable settings for pasta thickness, pasta extruders ensure consistency and precision in the pasta-making process, making them indispensable for high-volume production.

2. Sheeters and Cutters

Sheeters and cutters play a crucial role in shaping and sizing pasta dough in commercial settings. Sheeters roll out the dough to a uniform thickness, while cutters shape it into specific pasta forms. With adjustable settings for thickness and cutting width, these machines offer flexibility and customization. Multiple cutting rollers enable the creation of various pasta shapes, making sheeters and cutters versatile tools that contribute to the efficiency and quality of pasta production.

3. Ravioli Machines

Dedicated to producing filled pasta such as ravioli and tortellini, ravioli machines feature a filling hopper and a sealing system for the pasta edges. Offering adjustable settings for filling quantity, shape, and size, these machines enable the production of consistent and well-formed filled pasta. Some models include multiple molds to cater to different types of filled pasta, making ravioli machines vital for businesses looking to diversify their pasta offerings.

4. Dough Mixers

In the realm of pasta production, large-scale dough mixers are indispensable for efficiently preparing substantial batches of pasta dough. Featuring variable speed settings, large capacities, and durable construction, these mixers ensure consistent and high-quality dough. Some models come with additional attachments for various dough-based products, making them versatile tools in commercial kitchens and food production facilities.

5. Dough Sheeters

Dough sheeters are specialized machines designed for rolling out pasta dough to a consistent thickness before it undergoes further shaping or cutting processes. Equipped with adjustable settings for thickness, conveyor belts for smooth dough rolling, and sometimes integrated cutting systems, dough sheeters contribute to the precision and uniformity of the pasta production process, enhancing overall efficiency.

6. Automatic Pasta Cookers

Automatic pasta cookers are integral to high-volume commercial kitchens and food production facilities, offering a streamlined solution for cooking large quantities of pasta. With programmable settings for different pasta types, fast cooking times, and the ability to maintain consistent water temperature, these machines ensure efficient and reliable pasta cooking. They are designed to meet the demands of busy kitchens and contribute to the overall efficiency of pasta production.

7. Pasta Dryers

After pasta shapes are formed, drying is a crucial step before packaging. Pasta dryers, featuring adjustable shelves and efficient air circulation, provide an organized and space-efficient solution for drying large quantities of pasta. Ensuring proper drying contributes to the preservation of pasta quality and shelf life, making pasta dryers essential in the final stages of the commercial pasta production process.

8. Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are the final step in the commercial pasta production process, ensuring that the finished product is efficiently and hygienically prepared for distribution. These machines offer automated weighing, sealing, and labeling capabilities, streamlining the packaging process and enhancing overall production efficiency. Designed to meet food safety standards, packaging machines contribute to the presentation and preservation of pasta products during storage and transport.


In summary, commercial pasta machines are indispensable for high-volume pasta production in commercial kitchens. With a range of specialized types such as extruders, sheeters, ravioli makers, and packaging machines, these tools automate and streamline the pasta-making process. From dough preparation to shaping, cooking, drying, and packaging, pasta makers ensure efficiency and consistent quality. Equipped with features like automated cutting systems and adjustable settings, they meet the demands of busy kitchens, contributing to the seamless and reliable production of pasta from start to finish.

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