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          Commercial Dough Mixers

          With a commercial dough mixer, you can effortlessly blend and knead large quantities of dough. Thanks to its powerful motor, it efficiently combines all the ingredients into a perfectly homogeneous dough. This equipment is also sometimes referred to as a spiral mixer or dough kneader.

          If you regularly need to mix substantial amounts of dough, this task can be time-consuming and physically demanding when done by hand. The commercial dough mixer gets its name from the dough hook that takes the shape of a spiral. As both the dough hook and the mixing bowl rotate, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. A dough mixer machine is therefore an essential tool in any restaurant, cafe, bakery, and caterer’s kitchen.

          Commercial dough mixers play a crucial role in the operations of bakeries, pizzerias, and restaurants engaged in producing their own doughs and batters. Available in diverse types, sizes, and price ranges, each variant brings its own set of advantages to the kitchen.

          Types of Commercial Dough Mixers

          1. Planetary Mixers: Common in commercial settings, these mixers feature an offset shaft revolving within the mixing bowl. Known for their versatility, they can handle various substances beyond just dough.

          2. Spiral Mixers: Specifically designed for heavy commercial use, these mixers, also known as dough mixers, excel in handling a wide array of dough products. Ideal for establishments dealing with large quantities of dough.

          3. Vertical Cutter Mixers: Excellent for doughs, pudding, meringue, and icing, especially when paired with interchangeable locking attachments.

          Sizes and Capacities

          Commercial dough mixers are available in a range of sizes, from small countertop units (5-8 quarts) to large commercial dough mixers (up to 60 quarts). Some robust mixers can handle up to 90 lbs. of bread dough at once. Extra-large models with an 80-quart capacity can efficiently knead up to 55 lbs. of dough.


          The prices of commercial dough mixers vary based on size, type, and features. Costs can span from a few hundred dollars for smaller units to several thousand dollars for larger, feature-rich models.

          In summary, the diverse array of commercial dough mixers caters to different operational needs. Whether it's a compact unit for a small bakery or a high-capacity model for a bustling pizzeria, there's a commercial dough mixer to meet specific requirements, ensuring efficient and effective dough preparation in various culinary settings.


          In the bustling world of culinary endeavors, where time and precision are paramount, commercial dough mixers stand as indispensable allies for establishments ranging from cozy cafes to thriving pizzerias. The seamless blending and kneading capabilities, coupled with the diverse options in types, sizes, and capacities, make these mixers a cornerstone in the kitchens of bakeries, pizzerias, and restaurants.

          At Vancouver Restaurant Supply, we understand the pivotal role that commercial dough mixers play in your culinary operations. Our curated selection boasts a variety of top-notch options, from versatile planetary mixers to robust spiral mixers and commercial pizza dough mixers. With sizes ranging from compact countertop units to expansive floor models, and prices spanning a spectrum to suit various budgets, we've got the perfect dough mixer for every kitchen's unique needs.

          Elevate your dough preparation process, enhance efficiency, and ensure consistently delightful results with our premium commercial dough mixers. Explore our collection today and equip your kitchen with the tools that culinary excellence demands. Your journey to seamless dough preparation starts here at Vancouver Restaurant Supply—where quality meets culinary innovation.

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