Elevate Your Culinary Realm: Discover the Versatility of Backsplash-Enhanced Work Tables

In the realm of commercial kitchens, work tables stand as indispensable assets. Elevating their utility further, we introduce work tables with backsplashes - an essential accessory that seamlessly combines functionality and style.

The introduction of a well-designed backsplash creates a protective barrier between your work surface and the surrounding walls, preemptively safeguarding against spills, splashes, and culinary mishaps. Beyond practicality, it injects an air of sophistication into your culinary space, transforming it into an environment that exudes professionalism and warmth.

Unlock the myriad advantages of integrating a work table with backsplash into your commercial kitchen

  • Safeguarding: Effectively shield your walls from the rigors of a bustling kitchen, where spills and splashes are par for the course. This is a paramount consideration in environments where activity is high and accidents are a potential concern.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate the visual allure of your kitchen with the introduction of a backsplash. This simple addition infuses a touch of refinement, creating an atmosphere that is not only functional but also inviting.
  • Streamlined Organization: Embrace the added organizational dimension a backsplash offers. Utilize it as supplementary storage for your culinary tools and supplies, leading to a more efficient and orderly kitchen.
  • Enhanced Safety: In areas prone to moisture, such as near sinks, a backsplash acts as a barrier against slips and falls, ensuring the well-being of your kitchen staff.

Your quest for a multi-faceted kitchen companion concludes with the choice of a work table boasting a complementary backsplash. At Vancouver Restaurant Supply, we take pride in offering you a selection that seamlessly blends protection, style, organization, and safety.

Delve into the finer aspects of our work tables with backsplashes

  • Stainless Steel Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium stainless steel, our work tables are a testament to enduring quality and effortless cleaning.
  • Tailored Diversity: Choose from an array of sizes and designs to find the optimal fit for your kitchen layout.
  • Effortless Assembly: Streamlined assembly ensures that your culinary haven is operational in no time, customized to meet your unique specifications.

Connect with us today to embark on a journey to elevate your kitchen's potential. Experience the fusion of form and function with our exceptional work tables graced by backsplashes. Elevate your kitchen - shop now at VRS! Get in touch to delve deeper into the world of our backsplash-equipped work tables and secure your order today.







Work Tables With Backsplash

Thorinox DSST-2496BK - 24″ x 96″ Stainless steel worktable with Backsplash


Thorinox DSST-2430BK - 24″ x 30″ Stainless steel worktable with Backsplash


Thorinox DSST-2424BK - 24″ x 24″ Stainless steel worktable with Backsplash