Prep work is an essential part of cooking, and will always be time-consuming if you don’t possess the proper food preparation equipment to help improve cooking speed and quality. Reasons why, Vancouver Restuarant Supply is here to offer you high-quality food preparation equipment that will facilitate your business to control its cost and improve the quality of food. Our food preparation appliances feature meat grinders, meat slicers, and food processors. Working with a trusted supplier of materials and equipment like VRS, your restaurant will be on track. You will operate with confidence knowing that the establishment will not have any missteps while following all food preparation guidelines.

Food Preparation

Primo 30 Quart Mixer - PM-30


Primo 20 Quart Mixer - PM-20


Primo 10 Quart Mixer - PM-10


Primo Quart Mixer - PM-7


Axis Double Pasta Cooker - Gas - AX-GPC-2


Axis Single Pasta Cooker - Gas - AX-GPC-1


Axis Dough Sheeter AX-TDS


Axis Pizza Dough Roller - AX-PZR17


Axis Meat Grinder - AX-MG32