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          Commercial Dishwashers

          Jet Tech High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher - EV18


          Thesis H54E-A Handy Undercounter Warewasher


          Thesis H29E-A Handy Glasswasher

          Thesis H110E-A Handy Pass-Through Dishwasher


          Moyer Diebel DF Rotary Glasswasher - 1200 Glasses/Hr, High Temp

          Lamber High-Temperature Glasswasher - S480EKS & S480EKDPS

          Lamber High-Temperature Glasswasher - DSP3

          Lamber Deluxe High-Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - F92EKDPS

          Lamber Deluxe High-Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - F92DYPS


          Warewashing is the process of cleaning and sanitizing dinnerware, utensils, and other food-contact items in a commercial kitchen. The purpose of warewashing is to ensure that these items are free from dirt, debris, and harmful bacteria, making them safe for use in meal preparation and service.

          This process typically involves high-temperature water and detergents to clean and sanitize dishes effectively. Warewashing can be done manually or using warewashing machine which includes a wash tank, a rinse tank, and a sanitizer tank that work together to clean and sanitize dishes. Proper warewashing practices are crucial for food safety in any commercial kitchen.

          VRS Warewashing Equipment

          Warewashing equipment refers to the machines and systems used for cleaning and sanitizing dishes, utensils, and other food-contact items in commercial kitchens. These machines are designed to efficiently clean large quantities of dishes and ensure that they are free from dirt, debris, and harmful bacteria. Warewashing equipment includes conveyor dishwashers, single-chamber cart washers, multi-chamber wash systems, and other types of dishwashers.

          Conveyor dishwashers, such as those offered by Vancouver Restaurant Supply, are designed for high-volume operations and can handle large quantities of dishes efficiently. These dishwashers feature automatic mechanical handling of trays and cutlery, allowing for simultaneous washing of different types of dishes.

          Warewashing equipment is designed to meet specific needs, with semi-automatic and fully-automatic systems available. Semi-automatic systems consist of two flight-type dishwashers, with automatic mechanical handling of trays and cutlery in one machine and all other wash ware treated in a separate machine. Fully-automatic systems do not require personnel at the dirty side for loading wash ware into the flight-type dishwashers, and there is a wide range of automated solutions for the clean side.

          Warewashing methods must be available to wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment and utensils coming into contact with food. Warewashing facilities, when required, shall be available in accordance with federal regulations.

          In addition to dishwashers, warewashing equipment includes sinks & faucets, pre-rinse spray valves, and other dish room products. These products are designed to make it easier to transport dirty linens and clean and sanitize dishes, pots, and pans.

          Overall, warewashing equipment is essential for ensuring that commercial kitchens maintain cleanliness and food safety standards. By using automated dishwashers, commercial kitchens can improve overall productivity and ensure that dishes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

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