Modular Ice Machines: Scaling Ice Production for Busy Businesses

Modular ice machines offer a tailored solution for businesses with substantial ice requirements. These adaptable machines are designed to meet the dynamic needs of high-volume establishments, making them a smart choice for those experiencing growth or evolving demands.

Vancouver Restaurant Supply is your go-to provider for an array of modular ice machines, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Constructed with durability in mind, our machines are built to withstand the test of time. Their user-friendly design simplifies operation and maintenance, cementing their status as a valuable asset for your business.


  • Scalable Design: Modular ice machines excel in adaptability. They effortlessly adjust output to align with your changing demands, accommodating growth or menu adjustments with ease.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from top-tier materials, our machines are engineered for longevity, ensuring reliable performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly operation and maintenance processes make our modular ice machines accessible to all staff members.
  • Variety of Ice Shapes: Embrace versatility by producing different ice shapes, catering to a diverse array of preferences and needs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Despite their robust output, our modular machines prioritize energy efficiency, keeping operational costs in check.
  • Quiet Performance: Engineered for quiet operation, these machines maintain a peaceful ambiance, contributing to a pleasant customer experience.


  • Efficient Scaling: Modular ice machines seamlessly adapt to changing demands, allowing your business to grow without worrying about ice production.
  • Energy Savings: Despite their impressive output, these machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind, minimizing operational costs.
  • Noise Reduction: Quiet operation ensures your business's ambiance remains undisturbed, contributing to a comfortable environment for customers and employees alike.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The ability to produce varied ice shapes enhances customer satisfaction, providing options that cater to different beverages and preferences.
  • Streamlined Staff Workflow: With simple operation and maintenance, your staff can focus on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Additional Information

  • Consider a slightly higher cost compared to undercounter models.
  • Installation complexity varies from undercounter options.
  • Resilient construction minimizes susceptibility to spills and accidents.

Modular ice machines are the answer to high-volume ice production needs. With their adaptability, efficiency, and versatile ice shape capabilities, Vancouver Restaurant Supply (VRS) has your business's ice requirements covered. Unleash advanced ice production capabilities with VRS modular machines. Contact us now for your free quote. 







        Modular Ice Machines

        Atosa Modular Ice Maker (800 LB / 24 HR) - YR800-AP-261


        Atosa Modular Ice Maker (460 LB / 24 HR) - YR450-AP-161


        Brema modular Ice Bin for ice makers-220lbs capacity

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