Winco Muffin Pan, Aluminum
Winco Muffin Pan, Aluminum
  • SKU: AMF-12

Winco Muffin Pan, Aluminum

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AMF-12 Quantity Length Width Height Weight Cube
Selling Unit PC 14 10.75 1 1.1
Inner Case 12 14.25 10.88 7.5 14.1
Master Case 24 15.25 11.5 15.88 29.4 1.61
AMF-24 Quantity Length Width Height Weight Cube
Selling Unit PC 20 14 1 2
Master Case 12 20.75 14.5 9.5 27.3 1.65
  • 3 ounce capacity per cup
  • Hand wash – Aluminum products are not dishwasher



  1. CAUTION: allow product to cool before washing
  2. Wash aluminum products with warm water, mild soap and a soft, non-abrasive sponge
  3. After washing, immediately and completely dry with a cloth/paper towel to prevent limescale from forming
  4. To remove cooked-on food residue, boil in water with vinegar for 4 to 5 minutes to loosen, then follow steps 1-3 to wash, rinse & dry.

Established in 1992, Winco has been committed to providing a range of high quality items by considering the opinion of the chefs and restaurateurs. Wincos’ focus is to supply high calibre equipment without the extortionate prices for busy kitchens to ensure their customers are given the best dining experiences.

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