Peerless Multi-Deck Gas Oven - 2324P
Peerless Multi-Deck Gas Oven - 2324P
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Peerless Multi-Deck Gas Oven - 2324P

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The Peerless 2324P Multi-deck Gas Oven is the most space-saving floor model gas pizza oven on the market. As with other Peerless deck ovens, the Peerless 2324P features quality construction, performance and value.

Peerless 2324P Multi-deck Gas Ovens offer quality, performance and value. They come standard with stainless steel front, aluminized interior, four steel decks and a 1-year Parts & Labor warranty.

Peerless multi-deck ovens offer exclusive features like a space saving size and unique interior design that allows for better distribution of heat and baking ability. The 2324P Multi-deck Mexican gas deck model is a 4-door, 4-pan oven with plenty of capacity for a variety of food products.

  • Time Proven: Over 100 years of design life
  • More square inches of cooking area for each foot of kitchen space = more oven for your dollar
  • Large Capacity: 4-door, 4-pan model
  • Efficient energy-saving burner system
  • Aluminized Interior & Stainless Steel Exterior
  • LP or Natural Gas
  • Full range 300°–650° thermostat
  • Pizza Stones included
  • All controls can be easily serviced and replaced
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty

Peerless Ovens has been family owned and operated since the late 1800's. These "time tested" ovens promise to save time, money and — most importantly — space! Peerless offers a full line of energy efficient, stackable, gas or electric commercial pizza ovens at affordable prices. Any food truck or commercial restaurant where space is valuable will appreciate the smart "Maximizer" design of Peerless ovens.

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