Hobart LXeC-3 Sanitizing Undercounter Dishwasher - Cold Water
hobart lxec-3 undercounter dishwasher door open
hobart lxec-3 undercounter dishwasher back view
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Hobart LXeC-3 Sanitizing Undercounter Dishwasher - Low temperature

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Hobart LXeC-3 Undercounter Dishwasher with Chemical Sanitizing - 120V

  • 34 racks per hour – LXeC
  • .74 gallons of water per rack
  • Hot water or chemical sanitation units are available
  • Low chemical alert indicators
  • Sense-A-Temp™ booster heater capable of 70°
  • Rise provided on LXeH models
  • Delime notification with cycle
  • Chemical pump “auto-prime”
  • Service diagnostics
  • Deep drawn stainless steel tank
  • Microcomputer, top-mounted controls with
  • digital cycle/temperature display
  • Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash
  • arms
  • Revolving upper and lower rinse arms
  • Removable stainless steel scrap screen
  • Corrosion-resistant pump
  • Automatic pumped drain
  • 17" door opening
  • Automatic fill
  • Detergent and rinse aid pumps standard
  • (plus sanitizer pump on the chemical machine)
  • Electric tank heat
  • Two dishracks – one peg and one combination type
  • Energy Star Qualified."


Front opening, equipped for installation in either
freestanding or undercounter-type operations.
CONSTRUCTION: 300 series stainless steel tank, door
and top panel.
PUMP: Centrifugal-type, integral with motor, horizontally
mounted. Pump capacity 38 GPM.
MOTOR: Single phase, furnished for all electrical specifications. Factory sealed lubrication. Inherent overload
protection with auto-reset.
WASH AND RINSE CYCLE: Complete automatic type,
controlled by solid-state electronics. The cycle may be interrupted at any time by opening the door. Cycle continues when
the door is closed.
Initial cycle fills wash tank, to be recirculated each wash
cycle. Some wash water is drained off before rinse
cycle. The rinse cycle refreshes wash water and tank heat.
RINSE PUMP: Powered by a single-phase motor, the rinse
the pump is made of high strength engineered composite

LXeH: Sanitation is accomplished by means of a built-in
booster heater designed to raise temperature of water
to a minimum of 180°F from an incoming water temperature of 110°F.
LXeC: Sanitation is accomplished by injection of proper
amount of sodium hypochlorite solution (liquid bleach)
into final rinse water to achieve a minimum of 50PPM
sanitizing solution. Injection of sodium hypochlorite is
accomplished by a built-in sanitizing chemical pump.
PUMPED DRAIN: Machine automatically drains water
through a built-in pump. Maximum 38" drain height

RACKING: Machines accommodate racks from
10" x 20" to 20" x 20". Also accepts 16" x 18" cafeteria

NOTE: Certain materials, including silver, aluminum and
pewter are attacked by Sodium Hypochlorite solution in
the chemical sanitizing mode of operation.

SPECIFICATIONS: Listed by Underwriters Laboratories
Inc. and NSF International.

Standard warranty - 1 Year limited warranty (contact Hobart FEG Canada for details)

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