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Doyon Spiral Mixer AEF Series - AEF050
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Doyon Spiral Mixer AEF Series - AEF035SP

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Doyon’s spiral mixers are the best mixers for bread dough. We have more sizes, an exclusive bowl drain for easy cleaning and the highest horsepower available. These mixers produce dough with better consistency and temperature, making them ideal for large bread dough mixtures. They can handle anywhere from 3 to 286 pounds of dough at 55 – 100% absorption ratio.


  • Easy to use digital controls with 2 speeds and 9 programmable speed/time settings; automatically switch from speed 1 to speed 2
  • Unique stainless steel bowl with high center that eliminates dough feeder post; prevents dough overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development
  • Integrated bowl drain for easy cleaning
  • Two independent motors with non-slipping belt for tough mixes
  • Safety features: wire guard with motor cut-off switch and emergency stop button
  • Six models with 30 to 375 lb quart bowl capacity; 3 to 286 lb dough capacity (55-100%AR)
  • Has increased ability to knead doughs with low hydration, high gluten content and intensive work cycles while maintaining quality and consistent results.
  • Eco-Efficiency – Powerful motor optimized by inverter.

The AEF050 Spiral Mixer features a powerful belt driven motor with overload protection for the highest reliability and efficiency while keeping maintenance cost low.  The motors and non-slipping belt provide the durability and torque necessary for tough dough. It comes with 2 mixing speeds and can automatically switch from one speed to the other. It has a bowl drain for easy draining and cleaning and a design that prevents overheating of dough, promotes better yeast viability and better gluten development.


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