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Commercial Dehydrator - 1 zone - Vertical 16 tray 16-CUD
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Commercial Dehydrator - 1 zone - Vertical 16 tray 16-CUD

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Commercial Dehydrator - 1 zone - Vertical 16 tray 16-CUD

Come with :

1 x Commercial Dehydrator
16 x Stainless steel mesh trays
1x Stainless steel pan drip trays

This fully stainless-steel dehydrator is made for ongoing commercial use with (16) 40x40cm trays and our high-efficiency forced air convection system, you can dehydrate your food at industrial rates. This gives you a total of over 2.5 m² of dehydrating rack space. This model comes with a 99-hour digital timer and adjustable temperature of 30-90 degrees Celsius or ambient mode. With a limited 1.5kW power draw, this highly efficient model pulls up to 50% less energy than other models on the market for the same dry times. Run-on "Timer" mode if you desire for it to shut off automatically. Our Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel mesh trays allow food to cook evenly on both sides without the need to rotate or turn food over while dehydrating. If you need solid trays for things like flour and grains just let us know or simply apply wax or baking paper to the mesh trays. Perfect for fruits, nuts, jerky, biltong, vegetables, and more


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