Browne Combi Crisping/Fry Tray - 576204
Browne Combi Crisping/Fry Tray - 576204
  • SKU: 576204

Browne Combi Crisping/Fry Tray - 576204

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Ideal for cooking any item that you want a perfect crisp result, including fries, wedges, onion rings, calamari, nuggets/fingers, spring rolls and many more.
  • Alternating raised mound design, increases airflow and circulation for even cooking and optimal browning results
  • Facilitates healthier cooking, by baking not frying, no additional oil required
  • Cook large portions, with consistent results in high volume kitchens
  • Welded construction for increased durability and longevity
  • Electroplated finish to protect welded joints from rust and corrosion
  • High heat resistance of 350°C/662°F
  • Universal fit to all Combi Ovens - GM 1/1
  • Dishwasher safe.

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