BakeMax BMPM120 – 120Qt Planetary Mixer
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BakeMax BMPM120 – 120Qt Planetary Mixer

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Egg Whites Whip 3.6 qts.
Mashed Potatoes Beater 90 lbs.
Mayonnaise (qts. Oil) Beater 40 qts.
Meringue (qts. Water) Whip 4 qts.
Waffle/Pan cake Batter Beater NA
Whipped Cream Whip 25 qts.
Cup Cake / Layer Cake Beater 120 lbs.
Sponge Cake (w/ Flour & Butter) Whip 120 lbs.
Sugar Cookie Beater 80 lbs.
Bread or Roll Dough (Light/ Medium, 60% AR) Hook 160 lbs. of Dough Total**
Bread or Roll Dough (Heavy, 55% AR) Hook 120 lbs. of
Dough Total**
Thin Pizza Dough, Pasta, Basic Egg Noodle (40% AR, Max 5 Minutes of Mixing Time) Hook 80 lbs. of Dough Total*
Medium Pizza Dough (50% AR) Hook 90 lbs. of Dough
Thick Pizza Dough (60% AR) Hook 100 lbs. of
Dough Total**
Raised Donut Dough (65% AR) Hook 70 lbs. of Dough
Whole Wheat Dough ( 70% AR) Hook 120 lbs. of
Dough Total**

The BakeMax BMPM120 – 120 Qt Heavy Duty Planetary Mixer provides durability, long life and excellent mixing performance. They are safe, easy to use and capable of a broad range of dough and food mixing applications.


  • Belt Driven

  • #12 hub for meat grinder / vegetable cutter attachment

  • 5 HP motor offers enough power to mix stiffer doughs and larger batches

  • 30 minute manual timer

  • All metal and die-cast aluminum body

  • Transmission is made of hardened alloy steel gears

  • All shafts are mounted in ball bearings

  • Manual 4 speed control (135, 195, 237, 341 RPM)

  • Planetary mixing action ensures perfect results

  • Hydraulic bowl lift

  • Includes dough hook, flat beater and wire whip

  • Safety guard is standard for model BMPM120 and provides with automatic shut-off when guard is opened at any speed

  • Emergency stop button

  • 2 year limited warranty

With over 30 years in the Food Service industry, we take pride in the products we offer to our customers throughout North America. From our Mixers to Ranges and everything in between, the BakeMax & BakeMax America family of products dates all the way back to 1966.

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