Alto-Shaam Halo Heat Low-Temp Holding Cabinet - 750-CTUS
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Alto-Shaam Halo Heat Low-Temp Holding Cabinet - 750-CTUS

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Product Description

With the Alto-Shaam 750-CTUS Heated Holding Cabinet, you get flexible holding in a smarter design. While the Halo Heat® technology precisely manages low-temperature holding for the highest quality food, the French doors allow convenient access, minimal clearance and reduced heat loss. Flexible installation can be placed under the counter, on the countertop, or on casters for mobility.

Consistent, even heat. Halo Heat® technology provides a controlled, uniform heat source that maintains precise temperatures throughout the holding process.   

Unique thermal cabling surrounds the cavity of our heated holding cabinet with gentle, precise heat to evenly warm food and retain moisture. No fans. No harsh heating elements. No added humidity. 

Waterless design. Reduce installation and operating costs with no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance. 

Place our heated holding cabinet anywhere. No oven hood or outside venting required. Save up to $30 per day in hood operating costs. Portable and stackable configurations available to maximize space. 

Maintain precise temperatures inside our heated holding cabinet. Digital control senses temperature drops faster, providing quick heat and improving recovery time. 

Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste in time for service.

Key Features

- Maintain food quality. Keep product at its perfect serving temperature inside our heated holding cabinet and hold for hours without overcooking or drying out. 

- Easy to operate. Manage heat controls with accuracy and confidence. 

- Clear, easy-to-read temperature gauge ensures holding at the optimal temperature. 

- Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves from the heated holding cabinet and wipe clean. 

- Greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with less overcooking and shrinkage compared to conventional holding.  

- Expand menus. Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste at time of service. 

- Optional casters available for easy mobility.  

- Energy savings. Costs less than $2 per day to operate. 

- Made in the USA with a commitment to quality. 

Product Details


6 Full-Size Steam Table Pans (2-1/2")
6 GN 1/1 Pans (65mm)
6 Full-Size Sheet Pans (1") 

Dimensions H x W x D

27 3/4" x 30 1/8" x 26 3/8"
705mm x 765mm x 670mm) 

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