Standard Tables: The Fundamental Backbone of Your Commercial Culinary Space

Within the bustling domain of a commercial kitchen, standard tables emerge as indispensable fixtures. Revered for their inherent versatility, unwavering durability, and facile maintenance, these tables prove themselves as pivotal assets, seamlessly adapting to a spectrum of tasks.

Advantages of Standard Tables

Incorporating standard tables into your commercial kitchen garners a multitude of advantages:

  • Versatility Unleashed: Standard tables flexibly accommodate an array of tasks, from food preparation to assembly and packaging, making them an invaluable investment for diverse culinary operations.
  • Enduring Durability: Crafted from robust materials, like stainless steel and wood, standard tables endure intensive usage and even abuse, making them a savvy, long-lasting investment for establishments requiring tables with staying power.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The easy upkeep of standard tables—requiring nothing more than a wipe with a damp cloth and sanitizer—maintains their pristine appearance, proving vital in upholding kitchen hygiene.

Diverse Types of Standard Tables

The market offers an array of standard table variants, each tailored to specific requirements. Notable categories encompass:

  • Prep Tables: The quintessential workhorses of the kitchen, prep tables, typically crafted from stainless steel, feature a range of practical elements including cutting boards, sinks, and drawers, streamlining efficient food preparation.
  • Worktables: Larger than prep tables, worktables, often fashioned from wood or metal, find their niche in tasks such as assembly, packaging, and shipping.
  • Display Tables: Designed to showcase food or merchandise, display tables, usually constructed from wood or glass, boast attributes like shelves and rails, enhancing visual aesthetics.

Guidelines for Selecting Standard Tables

When embarking on the selection process for standard tables in your commercial kitchen, several factors warrant attention:

  • Kitchen Dimensions: Opt for tables proportionate to your kitchen's available space, striking an equilibrium between functionality and space management.
  • Weight Tolerance: Choose tables capable of accommodating the intended load without compromising structural integrity.
  • Desired Features: Deliberate on features such as cutting boards, sinks, drawers, shelves, rails, wheels, cabinets, and casters, aligning with your operational needs.
  • Budget Allocation: Establish a budget to guide your search, ensuring your investment aligns with financial considerations.

Vancouver Restaurant Supply: Your Trusted Haven for Standard Tables

Turn to Vancouver Restaurant Supply as your reliable supplier of premium standard tables customized to meet your commercial kitchen's distinct requirements. Our diverse collection guarantees a seamless match, fortified by enduring quality. 

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Standard Tables

Thorinox Stainless steel worktable with a galvanized undershelf - 30" width


Thorinox Stainless steel worktable with a galvanized undershelf - 24" width