Bar Coolers: Keep Drinks Cool and Boost Sales

Bar coolers are a must-have to keep drinks cool and easily accessible. They preserve the refreshing taste of beverages and attract customers, driving increased sales for your business.

Benefits of Using Bar Coolers

  • Keep drinks cool and fresh: Bar coolers maintain drink quality, enhancing the taste of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Attract attention and boost sales: Strategically placed, bar coolers entice customers to make impulse drink purchases, increasing your overall sales.

Types of Bar Coolers

Explore these options to find the perfect fit:

  • Glass-Door Coolers: Showcase drinks enticingly, perfect for bars and convenience stores.
  • Undercounter Coolers: Space-efficient, ideal for bars and restaurants with limited room.
  • Freestanding Coolers: Portable and versatile, suitable for various businesses.

Features to Consider

  • Size: Select a bar cooler that complements your available space and accommodates the quantity of drinks you offer.
  • Capacity: Ensure the cooler can handle the demand for your diverse selection of beverages, preventing overcrowding and maintaining optimal cooling performance.
  • Temperature Range: Verify that the bar cooler's temperature range aligns with the specific requirements of your drink offerings, such as beers, wines, and soft drinks.
  • Additional Features: Look for bar coolers with adjustable shelves, enabling customization of the interior to accommodate various bottle and can sizes. LED lighting enhances visibility and aesthetics, while humidity controls are essential for storing wines at their best conditions.

Bar coolers are essential for keeping drinks cool, attractive, and easily accessible. Enhance your drink presentation and create a delightful shopping experience with the perfect bar cooler from Vancouver Restaurant Supply.





      Bar Coolers

      Blue Air BDD69-3B-HC Keg Cooler

      Blue Air BNB-72BT-HC Narrow Back Bar Cooler

      Blue Air BNB-60BT-HC Narrow Back Bar Cooler

      Blue Air BNB-48BT-HC Narrow Back Bar Cooler

      Blue Air BBB69-3B-HC Back Bar Cooler


      Blue Air BBB69-3BG-HC Glass Door Back Bar Cooler


      Blue Air BBB90-4B-HC Back Bar Cooler


      Blue AirBBB59-2B-HC Back Back Bar Cooler


      Blue Air BBB23-1B-HC Back Bar Cooler