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Blue Air Cooler, Refrigeratior and Freezer

Blue Air BBB23-1BG-HC Glass Door Back Bar Cooler


Blue Air BBB59-2BG-HC Glass Door Back Bar cooler


Blue Air BBB90-4BG-HC Glass Door Back Bar Cooler


Blue Air BDD23-1B-HC Keg Cooler

Blue Air BDD59-2B-HC Keg Cooler

Blue Air BDD90-4B-HC Keg Cooler

Blue Air BBB23-1B-HC Back Bar Cooler


Blue AirBBB59-2B-HC Back Back Bar Cooler


Blue Air BBB90-4B-HC Back Bar Cooler


Vancouver Restaurant Supply (VRS) supplies a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment to meet the high demands of today’s chefs and restaurateurs. We provide high-quality, well-priced products with exceptional services.

Blue Air Coolers (Blueair) is our exclusive cooler brand in Vancouver.  Blue Air is a trusted name in commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment that has been around since 2003.  They have the longest warranty in the industry. The Blue Ari warranty is 3 year part and labor and 5 year warranty on the compressor and evaporator.  Along with wide Blue Air model selections, the Blue Air brand will suit your needs.

Vancouver Restaurant Supply – VRS has exactly what you need. We recommend you contact us and get our experts' advice to choosing the right equipment for your establishments